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The social organisation

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13th November

Rise of the social organisation

Social media has given rise to countless opportunities for organisations to engage with there audiences like never before. Gone are the gatekeepers to businesses inner workings, in the social age everyone has the ability to be a brand advocate and engage the public. Not to give your Board and CEO a heart attack but the simple truth is that communication is no longer about centralised control. It is about decentralising, interaction and widespread engagement. The role of the once high and might corporate communicator is now that of an educator, facilitator and guide to the social paths all organisations should be exploring.


What tools can social guides use?

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Bell George Wins Gold Mobile Award for Best Studio

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31st August

Bell George won a Gold Mobie Award last night at the 2012 Australian Mobile Awards in Sydney for Best Studio under five people.

Speaking after receiving the Award, Bell George Managing Director, Tom Godfrey, thanked his team for what has been a great 12 months for the digital agency. “We are delighted to have won two Awards in this year’s Australian Mobile Awards, and to be recognised with a Gold Mobie as one of the best studios is awesome.”

“Both apps we entered in the Awards this year, Found Pets and FieldStorm, make real differences to the users and deliver simple and effective mobile workflows.”

“Our strategy has been to develop scalable mobile solutions for our clients for iOS and Android devices that deliver improved profitability, reduced costs and increased workforce satisfaction.”

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Pirate Konami Code Attacks the French Election

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17th April

With the first round of the French presidential election just a week away, a French based digital agency called, DataGif, has provided something of interest for the politically savvy computer geeks around the world on the socialist party website.

While at first glance the socialist party website looks to be a run of the mill political information page, with the right know-how you can turn François Hollande into an animated crusader for all things right and proper in French politics.

For the geeks among us, they call this Konami code which is named after the Japanese video game editor that used to create cheat codes to unlock special features in its video games. While Parti Socialiste was the first to fall victim this this hi-tech hi-jinx, it now seems that François Bayrou’s democratic movement has joined the Konami bandwagon.

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