Fast Company & #therules for social media

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@FastCompany has prepared a great series of on #therules of social media. The following is a summary from their website, all are well worth reading in more detail:

#The Rules of Social Media: Asking Me To Follow You On Twitter Guarantees I Won’t

#TheRules of Social Media: Don’t Make People Do X, Y, Then Z. Stick With X

#The Rules Of Social Media: Contests And Sweepstakes Are Fine, If You Want Short Relationships

#TheRules of Social Media: Not Everything Will Work–And That’s Fine

#TheRules of Social Media: People Don’t Want To Shop Where They Socialize

#TheRules of Social Media: If You’re Bored By Social Media, It’s Because You’re Trying To Get More Value Than You Create

#TheRules of Social Media: Everyone Says They Don’t Want To Be Marketed To. Really, They Just Don’tWant To Be Talked Down To

#TheRules of Social Media: Think Past Vanity Metrics Like Followers

You can read more about #therules of social media at the Fast Company website.

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