How to set up a corporate Twitter account?

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Dell's account on Twitter

Dell's account on Twitter

In the right hands a corporate Twitter account is an amazingly powerful business tool but in most cases corporate tweets suck the life out of what should be spontaneous sharing of ideas and concepts. So, what can you do to ensure your corporate Twitter account does not repel the very people you are trying to engage with.

1. Personalise the Twitter account. If you have ever been part of a corporate branding exercise the “branding experts” will often ask you, “if your company spoke, how would it sound?” “If it was a person, what would it look like?” and so on. As a rule, we don’t like corporate Twitter feeds that pump out mindless internally focused business buzzwords. So, if you don’t have a strong CEO or senior business leader who is willing to be the Twitter face of your organisation invent one!

2. Initially Script Some Tweets. We never thought we would say this but scripting Tweets is one way to put the corporate Gods minds at rest with the free flowing Twitter exchange. You can also script responses in much the same way PR people once developed questions and answers (“Q&As”) documents. A better solutions though is to employee someone who you trust to represent the views of the organisation and allow them the freedom to interact without the traditional corporate shackles of yesteryear.

3. Resource and Proactively Manage the Twitter Feed. There is nothing worse on Twitter than receiving an automated response from a corporate Twitter along the lines of, “tks 4 contacting us, visit this Facebook page and rack off”. Analysis and respond to each Tweet as quickly as possible (within an hour would be best). By doing so you’ll create a positive brand impression and you’ll often learn a great deal about the issues the public has with your organisation.

4. Build Meaningful Lists. Twitter allows you to crest lists of followers, which is a marketer’s dream. Use this functionality to track issues that affect your business and join the conversation.

5. Enter Into Dialogue & Form Meaningful Links with Followers. Like all good conversations, the flow of information must be two-way. Engage your followers by responding to their Tweets even if they are unrelated to your business. Over time you’ll develop meaningful relationship across the Twittersphere that may prove invaluable even you ever have to manage a social media issue.

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