Pirate Konami Code Attacks the French Election

Posted on April 17th, by Tom in Blog, Inside Web. Comments Off

Parti Socialiste

With the first round of the French presidential election just a week away, a French based digital agency called, DataGif, has provided something of interest for the politically savvy computer geeks around the world on the socialist party website.

While at first glance the socialist party website looks to be a run of the mill political information page, with the right know-how you can turn François Hollande into an animated crusader for all things right and proper in French politics.

For the geeks among us, they call this Konami code which is named after the Japanese video game editor that used to create cheat codes to unlock special features in its video games. While Parti Socialiste was the first to fall victim this this hi-tech hi-jinx, it now seems that François Bayrou’s democratic movement has joined the Konami bandwagon.

Francois Bayrou

Why not try to make this “pirate code” appear for yourself, visit the following websites:

And type the following Konami code into your browser using your keyboard:
up up down down left right left right b a

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