Sex Sells! Stonemen Striptease Video Pulls Back the Covers… Again

Posted on May 22nd, by Tom in Blog, Social Media. Comments Off

Stonemen Striptease Video full screen

News flash – sex sells! But if you were in any doubt the latest campaign from men’s underwear brand, Stoneman, surely silences the critics.

Its interactive striptease video in which a woman masturbates next to an image of the viewer’s face lets the user to upload of a photo of themselves, which is then used in the video. Although customising a video with a user’s content is not an original idea, the video leads the user to Stonemen’s website and gives them the option to buy some Stonemen underwear. And let’s face it, everyone needs underwear!

The catch, a full version does not exist on YouTube and the interactive video can’t be embedded into Facebook or Twitter. Instead the user is given a link to the video to forward or post to social platform. Will using sex to sell products ever get old? Not likely.

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