Social media and applications have dominated popular culture in recent times and the industry is still in its infancy. Your networks of clients, friends and family have never been more engaged and with our strategies and applications we strive to build and foster meaningful connections in the social realm.

Community management
The ability to unify, mobilise and inform your communities is at your fingers tips like never before with the successful development and implementation of a social media strategy.

Facebook apps
Facebook has become the leading way for both individuals and organisations to communicate with targeted groups within the global community. By developing your own application you can leverage the amassing work Facebook has done in aggregating interest groups around the world.

Facebook advertising
Through the use of demographic information advertisers can deploy highly targeted campaigns to promote their products and services. In a similar way that Google has had significant success with its Adwords service, Facebook is a powerful tool to those seeking to communicate across the social media landscape.

Social media optimisation
It’s not enough to simply update your Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare statuses and expect your target audience to find and engage with your business or issue. With social media optimisation we can refine the messaging used across your digital touch points and measure how effective you have been at conveying your messages.

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