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The social organisation

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13th November

Rise of the social organisation

Social media has given rise to countless opportunities for organisations to engage with there audiences like never before. Gone are the gatekeepers to businesses inner workings, in the social age everyone has the ability to be a brand advocate and engage the public. Not to give your Board and CEO a heart attack but the simple truth is that communication is no longer about centralised control. It is about decentralising, interaction and widespread engagement. The role of the once high and might corporate communicator is now that of an educator, facilitator and guide to the social paths all organisations should be exploring.


What tools can social guides use?

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Fast Company & #therules for social media

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17th September

@FastCompany has prepared a great series of on #therules of social media. The following is a summary from their website, all are well worth reading in more detail:

#The Rules of Social Media: Asking Me To Follow You On Twitter Guarantees I Won’t

#TheRules of Social Media: Don’t Make People Do X, Y, Then Z. Stick With X

#The Rules Of Social Media: Contests And Sweepstakes Are Fine, If You Want Short Relationships

#TheRules of Social Media: Not Everything Will Work–And That’s Fine

#TheRules of Social Media: People Don’t Want To Shop Where They Socialize

#TheRules of Social Media: If You’re Bored By Social Media, It’s Because You’re Trying To Get More Value Than You Create

#TheRules of Social Media: Everyone Says They Don’t Want To Be Marketed To. Really, They Just Don’tWant To Be Talked Down To

#TheRules of Social Media: Think Past Vanity Metrics Like Followers

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Top 7 Almost Olympic Moments at London 2012

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2nd August

With the London Olympics the first time social media has featured so prominently during the games with thought we’d give you our top 7 almost most Olympic moments so far from #London2012.

1. Boris Johnson Handing out

Boris Johnson pleading with the public to throw him a rope are becoming stuck on a zip wire during #London2012

2. Love Your Parents
Aly Raisman’s Parents competing in the stands at #london2012

3. Keeping up Appearances
At #london2012 it’s all about rubbing shoulders with royalty

4. Badminton Scandal has China Seeing Red
Eight female badminton doubles players were disqualified from #london2012 after trying to lose matches. The two teams from South Korea and one each from China and Indonesia were ruled to have “not using one’s best efforts to win a match” and “conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport”.

5. Protester Jumps off … Read More »

Traditional Media Under the Social Microscope

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24th July

When Ms Goldspink-Lord posted on the 7 News Facebook page about the “pain and harassment” she suffered as a result of the actions of a Channel 7 reporter and camera crew, the social media community was quick to share her outrage. Within hours thousands of people had posted messages of support for Ms Goldspink Lord and there was a rising tide of anger building against Channel 7.

But as a traditional media outlet, how should you respond when faced with a community backlast over the behaviour of a company employee? The simple answer is to apologise and do it quickly. Unfortunately, Channel 7 opted for a different path, deleting Ms Goldspink’s post from its Facebook page and seeking to dismiss the whole ugly incident as an “error”.

In a statement by Director of News at 7 Sydney, Chris Willis, it … Read More »

Arctic Ready Campaign Drills to the Social Core

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21st June

With the mining boom in full swing and drilling licenses being granted around the world at a rapid rate, social media provides an effective channel for anti-mining campaigners to express their views.

With the success of the BP Global PR campaign that saw BP called to account by a enlightened citizen with a passion to protect the Gulf of Mexico, it is hardly surprising that Shell would soon come in for criticism for its push into the Arctic. Leading the social media activism is the group behind Shell’s Lets Go! Arctic Campaign.

Rich with satire, the landing page www.arcticready.com features an image gallery with mock campaign advertisements with slogans such as “You can’t run your SUV on cute. Let’s go” and “Thanks to Shell I’ll be swimming until I die of starvation”.

In the age of social media one thing is clear, if … Read More »

Sex Sells! Stonemen Striptease Video Pulls Back the Covers… Again

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22nd May

News flash – sex sells! But if you were in any doubt the latest campaign from men’s underwear brand, Stoneman, surely silences the critics.

Its interactive striptease video in which a woman masturbates next to an image of the viewer’s face lets the user to upload of a photo of themselves, which is then used in the video. Although customising a video with a user’s content is not an original idea, the video leads the user to Stonemen’s website and gives them the option to buy some Stonemen underwear. And let’s face it, everyone needs underwear!

The catch, a full version does not exist on YouTube and the interactive video can’t be embedded into Facebook or Twitter. Instead the user is given a link to the video to forward or post to social platform. Will using sex to sell products ever get … Read More »

Ignite your Pinterest

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3rd April

Pinterest is a pinboard-styled social photo sharing website which allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections. Managed by Cold Brew Labs, a team based in Palo Alto, California the site launched in 2010 and now has more than 10 million users.

From small beginnings with a team of developers coding in an apartment, founder Ben Silbermann’s site has been listed by Time Magazine of one of the “50 Best Websites of 2011”. While similar to earlier social, image bookmarking systems, Pinterest has captured the publics’ imagination.

Bell George first downloaded the Pinterest iPhone & iPad apps in 2012 and we have been pinning our interests ever since. It is staggering to think that in such as short period of time Pinterest is now one of the top 10 largest social network services. Amasingly, it drives more referral traffic to retailers than … Read More »

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