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First Mobile Olympics Threatens Traditional Media

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3rd August

London 2012 is the most widely covered and consumed sporting event in history with millions of fans receiving coverage of the event on mobile devices through both traditional channels such as TV and radio broadcasters and new media channels such as Twitter, YouTube and blogs.

At London 2012, every spectator has the ability to broadcast a report of a sporting event the instant is happens. It might not be polished or professionally edited but the substance of the story is largely the same. For those participating in the games, the IOC has gone to the trouble of preparing social media guidelines for “participants and other accredited persons” to help ensure commercial interests of traditional broadcasters are some how balanced with the open and transparent world of athletic bloggers.

From athletes and coaches to the London police and traditional broadcasters such as NBC, … Read More »

Apple OS X Mountain Lion Goes Social

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25th July

Tomorrow Apple is set to release the latest edition of its desktop operating system called OS X Mountain Lion. The emphasis this time around is very much on social and social sharing with Twitter and Facebook functionality featuring prominently.

As you navigate the Mountain Lion system you’ll find the Share button throughout, making it very simple to share, straight from the app you’re using. You can also:

– Share photos, videos and other files with Mail, Messages and AirDrop.
– Send links from Safari.
– Post straight to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Vimeo.

It will also feature built-in Facebook support, you can share what’s up with you, straight from the app you’re in. Post photos or links. Add comments and locations. Just sign in once, and you’re all set up. OS X adds your Facebook friends and their profile photos to Contacts so you can find … Read More »

How to set up a corporate Twitter account?

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19th March

In the right hands a corporate Twitter account is an amazingly powerful business tool but in most cases corporate tweets suck the life out of what should be spontaneous sharing of ideas and concepts. So, what can you do to ensure your corporate Twitter account does not repel the very people you are trying to engage with.

1. Personalise the Twitter account. If you have ever been part of a corporate branding exercise the “branding experts” will often ask you, “if your company spoke, how would it sound?” “If it was a person, what would it look like?” and so on. As a rule, we don’t like corporate Twitter feeds that pump out mindless internally focused business buzzwords. So, if you don’t have a strong CEO or senior business leader who is willing to be the Twitter face of your organisation … Read More »

Top 5 Social Media Tools

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19th March

It seems everyone from Prime Ministers to the Pope is using social media to push their agendas to the public. In this article we look at the top 5 social media tools available and assess their pros and cons.

1. Twitter – a micro blogging site, Twitter’s meteoric rise to fame came in a very short space of time. In 2006, co-founder Jack Dorsey fired his first tweet into the Twittersphere and today Twitter averages more than 200 million tweets per day. Once the realm of celebrity and tweeting is a common practice between friends, families and the wider community. The rules are simple, in 140 characters you need to express your news, views and opinions to the Twitter community. The benefits are clear namely brevity and spontaneity. The downside is that most users struggle to convey meaning effectively in 140 … Read More »

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