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Rise of the social organisation

Social media has given rise to countless opportunities for organisations to engage with there audiences like never before. Gone are the gatekeepers to businesses inner workings, in the social age everyone has the ability to be a brand advocate and engage the public. Not to give your Board and CEO a heart attack but the simple truth is that communication is no longer about centralised control. It is about decentralising, interaction and widespread engagement. The role of the once high and might corporate communicator is now that of an educator, facilitator and guide to the social paths all organisations should be exploring.


What tools can social guides use?


1. The first tool in the guide social guide book is and open mind and a willingness to compromise. The social journey is not done a one-way street, it traverses a multi-lane super information highway and by its nature it is unpredictable.


2. A social guide can still use a media release but it needs to be all about encouraging interaction, dialogue and engagement. After all, journalists are human (well, some are) and empowering them to share your information to their network should be a goal of all social guides. So, how to you engage them to share your information? Here’s a checklist for your digital release:

- create a unique URL

- Use a simply SEO friendly headline

- state a couple of simple facts

- include photos that can be downloaded and shared

- link to MP3s, graphics and video

- actively moderate comments around your release

- Pre- approved quotes

- key links that matter

- RSS feed


3. The third tool a social guide can use is authenticity. There are big shifts happening in corporate communications & PR and social guides and journalists are now themselves brands in their own right. All have access to:


Media monitoring

- google alerts, radian6, SR7, BuzzNumbers

- what is being said on twitter, YouTube


Web Analytics

- unique visitors

- page views

- Duration

- downloads

- RSS subscribers

- followers (google analytics, Facebook insight, twitalizer, technorati authority rating).

 Are you  ready to join the social revolution and take on the role of educator, facilitator and guide to the social paths throughout your organisation.

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