Tippexperience 2’s Meteoric Landing on YouTube

Posted on April 17th, by Tom in Blog, Social Media. Comments Off

Tippexperience 1

Tippexperience 1

12 months on from one of the most successful corporate social media campaigns, Tippexperience – Hunter Shoots a Bear, and Tipp-Ex has celebrated its success with the launch of Tippexperience 2.

Days after its release the YouTube video has already been viewed by more than 4 million people. In much the same way as the first Tippexperience, in the latest version viewers are asked to decided the fate of the camper and the bear. Not to give too much a way but this it a matter of life or death!

Tippexperience 2

Tippexperience 2

While it still has a long way to go to achieve the 19 million viewers generated by the first iteration, it’s fair to say the second chapter in this social media successful has been well received by YouTube viewers.

Tipp-ex must be extremely satisfied with their investment in social media effectively showcasing their print based product that had its hay-day in the age of the type-writer to a new generation of digitally savvy mobile and desktop publishers.

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