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Following the British Court ruling against Aboriginal people being able to claim compensation for exposure to radiation from the British Nuclear Tests in Australia, the Forgotten Veterans have vowed to continue to take up their fight.

According to the Managing Director of Bell George and forgotten veterans campaigner, Tom Godfrey: “It is plain for all to see that exposure to nuclear radiation caused illnesses across Aboriginal communities in South Australia and we’ll continue to call the British and the Australian Governments to account for their reckless behaviour which saw so many exposed to nuclear radiation in the 1950s and 1960s.”

“Large numbers of Australian naval personnel, national service conscripts and Aboriginal people have all been denied access to non-liability healthcare treatment because the government has constructed an arbitrary definition of what it means to be an ‘Australian Participant’ in the British Government nuclear tests.”

“Aboriginal people should be disappointed by the latest development and the Government needs to know that this issue will not go away and they must accept responsibility for exposing innocent people to their Cold War game”.

“This issue will not die with those directly affected as it has been shown that nuclear radiation adversely impacts the DNA of offspring and has been known to cause birth defects and other complications for the families of those involved.”

“We are going to continue to take the fight to the government and honour those involved by sharing their stories on the Forgotten Veterans Facebook group page and through our Twitter feed (@forgottenvets).”

For further information contact Tom on 0449 681 282 or email


The Australian Government’s definition of a nuclear test: participant

ABC News, ‘No way forward for Maralinga Victims‘, viewed on 11 January 2013.


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