What is Cloud computing?

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Star Wars Cloud city

Star Wars Cloud city

It’s on buses, billboards, TV commercials and one thing is for certain – it’s all over the Internet. But what is cloud computing? Every time it’s mentioned my mind automatically transports me to Cloud City made famous by the Star Wars film, Empire Strikes Back. Much like George Lucas’s mythical creation, cloud computing has a great deal of mystique about it but in reality it is far easier to get your head around than an outpost of the Tibanna gas mining colony in the planet Bespin.

Cloud computing is way made possible by the Internet, with the ability of multiple users to be able to access a shared network. As long as you desktop, laptop or mobile devices has an Internet connection you can access software and data that is stored in a remote location – the cloud.

The lofty aim of cloud computing providers like Bell George is to provide clients with a better service and performance than they would get if their software applications were installed locally on their computers.

The major benefits of cloud computing are: reduced costs, limited hardware infrastructure expenditure, security and workflow mobility. Bell George is a Valued Added Reseller (“VAR”) for Salesforce.com and we develop cloud based applications on the Force.com platform. By leveraging the technology within Force.com, we can deliver clients a range of benefits such as: built-in security, reliability, upgrade ability, and ease of use. Standard features of a Force.com cloud computing solution include: analytics, offline access, and mobile deployment speed application development.

With the right development partner, your move into cloud computing will not see you cryogenically frozen in time but will deliver a high-end enterprise software solutions extremely cost effectively.

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